Irrigation Drone

  • Conduct Large Scale Agricultural Inspection
  • Choice of icaSense Payload Included
  • Visualize Plant Health And Irrigation Levels
  • Programmable Flights
  • DJI Cares Flight Insurance Included
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Monitor Crops And Plant Health Easily And Efficiently

The  Agriculture Bundle has been designed to give farmers and agronomists the most advanced flight and imaging capabilities on the commercial market. This all-in-one bundle includes the highly sought.

Using this agriculture bundle allows operators to see from the air what cannot be observed from the ground. The MicaSense Altum’s multiple sensors collect 3 different but equally important types of data in a single flight. This precise data can then be quickly analyzed to determine plant health, phenotypes, irrigation levels, and much more. This is all done quickly, accurately, and easily, with the DSLRPros Matrice 300 RTK Agriculture Bundle.