About LandInfo

About LandInfo

The The African Technology Policy Studies Network (ATPS) in collaboration with the United States Department for Agriculture (USDA) and other partners have developed an innovative mobile app called the LandInfo that allows inpiduals and organizations use a mobile phone to determine land potentials at any specific location based on local and global knowledge and information. The LandInfo therefore provides knowledge and information on soil and climate through a mobile phone which then enables farmers take decision on the most suitable crop for any given piece of land and under the prevailing climatic conditions. The LandInfo is freely accessible and can be used anywhere. It then becomes a veritable tool that can complement the work of extension workers in providing advisory services relating to soils, climate and crops to be grown by rural farmers.  

The project aims to address a capacity development need identified in most Africa’s national capacity development strategies by building the inpidual and institutional capacity to use emerging Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) such as mobile phone technology as a tool for providing useful information to enhance effective decision-making for agricultural productivity, sustainable land-use management and climate change resilience. Specifically, the project aims to:

(i) Create awareness and sensitize the agricultural extension agents (EAs) and contact farmers in Meru County in Kenya about the LandInfo mobile app technology and its potentials; and

(ii) Build the capacity of EAs and contact farmers in the selected county to effectively deploy the LandInfo mobile app for agricultural production, land use planning and climate change resilience.


LandPKS Mobile App Wins Climate Information Prizes

The now famed mobile app has scopped the Wazo & Tekeleza Climate Information Prizes. The app assists farmers make sustainable land management decisions by providing information regarding soils and vegetation. 

ATPS Launches the Interactive Collaborative Environament ICE

The platform is aimed at fostering the sharing of climate knowledge and information among players and stakeholders in the field. 

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