Artificial Intelligence & Agriculture and Food Systems

Artificial Intelligence & Agriculture and Food Systems

Artificial intelligence is a field of computer science that uses machine and deep learning, among other algorithms, to learn from and interpolate data in an attempt to mimic human intelligence. These networks dynamically bind input and output variables to create predictions that can help develop a variety of solutions to simple and complex problems. And while AI is primarily associated with robotics or computer science, its applications span many sectors including agriculture and food systems.

Food systems are the complex web of people and activities that make up the production, processing, transport, and consumption of food. The foundation of these systems is agriculture. There is a growing interest in enterprises who are focused on creating solutions for Agri-Food Systems, based on AI capabilities of solving multiple problems and saving valuable resources by reducing environmental damage. This aims to create business models that create competitive advantage for farmers and enterprises in the agricultural sector without damaging the environment.


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